Consign Cricket Club Pavilion

Description: The proposed design encompasses many design features that will respond to the special context of the pavilion, natural materials, which will age beautifully and need minimum maintenance. Robust arrangements that will respond to changing needs over the lifetime of the building. The design complies with all current building regulations, although it is anticipated that a special planning permission will be required for the separate uses of club and house. The design illustrated has a specialist sedum roof, cedar shingle walls, which can be constructed by the club members, a cross laminated solid timber structure which is exposed on the interior requiring no decoration, the large prefabricated units allow for the shell of the club-house to be erected in a single day. The exterior and interior can then be worked on simultaneously speeding up the total time taken to complete the project.

Consign England
Client Client Consign Cricket Club
Dates 2013
Cost £50,000