Country House Competition

This commended design attempts to place in the Northern English Countryside a concept of living which reflects a new contemporary lifestyle. The design sits within specific field conditions and the framework of the site in its simple essence minimises its own impact on both the site and its delicate ecology. In harmony with the existing situation the house enjoys both the outstanding quality of the location its views and its natural features.

The house is ‘under one roof ’ with the elements of the brief conglomerated into the valley/space between the two significant slopes as well as being placed in front of the reservoir/lake and beneath the sheltering copse of beech trees to the north. It is orientated north-south to maximise views and daylight. The proposal seeks to leave a maximum area of site undisturbed, as well minimise the access driveway length and incoming service routes.

Description: Competition
Location: London Client: RIBA
Dates: 2000 s i z e m2 525