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The proposal for Circle 33 Housing Trust was to build a unique community within Tower Hamlets that would be made up of a diverse cross section of people with a common aim of living in a sustainable manner. The dwellings occupy two intermediate levels within the horizontal structure, with open landscape space on the roof, and communal facilities below. The roof was conceived as a large meadow for all to use . The meadow is broken up by the concrete light wells that funnel daylight into the stairs below as well as integrate greenhouses within them and stairs and lifts to the lower level. The architecture would provide a background for the best qualities of living, while accommodating the changing needs of the old and young, single people and families within a range of dwelling types.

Description: Competition - 'Accommodating Change'
Location: Tower Hamlets, London
Client: Circle 33 Housing and Architectural Foundation
Dates: 2002
Total: n/a
s i z e m2 7750